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Stop looking at me..

Posted 2010/04/23 – 5:10 pm in: General   No Comments  |  Tags:

P5LD2-VM and Windows 7

Posted 2010/04/21 – 2:39 pm in: General

Yeah, this board can cause some problems if you have an old version of BIOS on it. Trying to install Windows 7 on it with a BIOS version 0901 will make Windows unable to see any Hard Drivers on SATA port. Solution ? Update the BIOS to the last version. (1303 at the time of […]

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Millencolin – Hellman

Posted 2010/04/11 – 1:27 am in: General

No matter what I feel for you, those three words I can’t say. I regret the times I used the word OK. I know how much it means when people show they really care. Of the value in honesty, I’m quite aware. But still there’s much in me that I don’t share. Don’t have the […]

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Do peoples really care ?

Posted 2010/03/30 – 6:46 pm in: General

Non mais sérieux. Va valoir un jour que j’trouve la réponse…

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Life is strange..

Posted 2010/02/21 – 2:47 pm in: General

La vie est étrange. On passe la plupart de son temps à ce poser plein de questions et la majorité du temps on connait déjà les réponses mais on fini toujours par s’en faire…

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A test from my phone

Posted 2010/01/28 – 2:50 pm in: General

Ceci est un test de mon Iphone, a date ca l’air de bien aller..

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Back online…

Posted 2010/01/26 – 3:43 pm in: General

Et oui, je suis back online apres un certain moment. Je vais surement me remettre a poster des trucs sur n’importe quoi 🙂

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Rock always win no mather what

Posted 2008/10/10 – 2:36 pm in: General   No Comments  |  Tags:

New section!

Posted 2008/08/20 – 4:01 pm in: General, World of Warcraft

I’m putting up a new section called World of Warcraft

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.NET suck, it’s like VB but with another name…

Posted 2007/09/17 – 2:44 pm in: General

Yep, c’est la conclusion que j’en suis venu. 200mb de dépendances pour un soft de 100kb C’étais pareil avec Visual Basic. Un soft de 50kb, mais avec 6mb de DLL. C’est juste plus gros, plus de trouble, pour le même résultats.

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WGR614 v6 Wireless Router problem..

Posted 2006/02/26 – 6:30 pm in: General

Well, well, after 6 hours of trying to configure the router and searching all over the place for I this f***ing router don’t work, I come to this: NETGEAR S*** First Reset the router. go to to disable the config assistant. After go to and setup all your stuff. and that’s it !! […]

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Damn already 3 month..

Posted 2006/02/22 – 7:21 pm in: General

Damn already 3 month without written anything!!! I’m lazy.. Working on some big project, hard to get time to write something.. If I can get more time, I will update alot of stuff you can be sure 🙂

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Well.. again.. but stupid me this time..

Posted 2005/11/15 – 12:34 am in: General

You remember that I got a problem with a plugin 1 month ago ? This time it was a problem with my .htaccess, so all the links on my blog was DEAD !!! Well, now it’s fix.. so enjoy 🙂 Also, as you can see, I didn’t put any new stuff on my site for […]

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Bonne Année..

Posted 2005/01/01 – 12:00 am in: General

Je vous souhaite une bonne année à tous et toutes! Santé, Amour, Sexe etc, etc.. Pour ceux que l’année 2004 n’a pas été une reussite, je vous souhaite que 2005 sois meilleur…

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Joyeux Noel !

Posted 2004/12/25 – 12:53 pm in: General

Je vous souhaite un Joyeux Noel à tous 🙂

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