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Monthly Archives: February 2006

WGR614 v6 Wireless Router problem..

Posted 2006/02/26 – 6:30 pm in: General

Well, well, after 6 hours of trying to configure the router and searching all over the place for I this f***ing router don’t work, I come to this: NETGEAR S*** First Reset the router. go to to disable the config assistant. After go to and setup all your stuff. and that’s it !! […]

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Damn already 3 month..

Posted 2006/02/22 – 7:21 pm in: General

Damn already 3 month without written anything!!! I’m lazy.. Working on some big project, hard to get time to write something.. If I can get more time, I will update alot of stuff you can be sure 🙂

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