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New EVE adventure

Posted 2012/10/09 – 11:42 pm in: EVE

Après avoir passer 1an dans un Wormhole Pulsar C6, j’ai décidé de me partir un projet off side avec 2 de mes alts que j’avais déjà. (En réalité, c’est plus pour passer le temps et espérer faire du cash le temps que tout ce place dans le système principale.)

Un système avec 66 moons 7 planètes pas avec le plus grand choix pour faire du Fuel, je vais donc voir pour tout vendre ça.

Mon but au final dans ce système est plus d’apprendre comment gérer une POS avec ces défenses, initiation au PI (Planetary Interative) et capable de détruire un custom Office pour le remplacer avec un POCO (17% moins de taxes ça va paraître.)

Sur ma liste de chose a faire:

  • Drug Lag
  • Fuel Block
  • Lab pour recherche
  • Voir à la construction d’un Dread

Reste à voir combien de temps ma résister lol

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Upgrade Jailbreak iPhone without losing data

Posted 2010/12/28 – 3:20 pm in: iPhone

Upgrading a jailbreak iPhone can be a pain in the ass sometime.

Here what I do when I’m upgrading a firmware.

  1. First install Apt Backup from Cydia if you don’t have it already.
  2. Do a backup in Apt Backup.
  3. Do a backup of your Phone in iTunes.
  4. Restore your iPhone to the last firmware.
  5. Use redsn0w or any of tool of your choice to jailbreak it.
  6. Go in Cydia and install Apt Backup and AppSync.
  7. Go in Apt Backup and Restore.
  8. Go in iTunes and restore.

Et voila, your phone should be almost exactly like it was before the upgrade.

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How to move a column in MySQL

Posted 2010/11/16 – 1:42 pm in: Programming

Move a column after some other column

mysql> ALTER TABLE mytable MODIFY COLUMN mycolumn INT AFTER someothercolumn;

Move a column to the first position

mysql> ALTER TABLE mytable MODIFY COLUMN mycolumn INT FIRST;

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Code Quality = WTF/Minute

Posted 2010/06/14 – 7:13 pm in: Humour

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I’m Unemployed

Posted 2010/05/20 – 2:42 pm in: Humour

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Raid target icons..

Posted 2010/04/27 – 7:19 pm in: Humour

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Apt-get : NO_PUBKEY / GPG error

Posted 2010/04/27 – 3:47 pm in: Linux


When updating the Debian based system, it may happens that the apt-get displays an error message like:

W: GPG error: ftp://ftp.debian.org/ testing Release: 
The following signatures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available:
NO_PUBKEY 010908312D230C5F

W: There is no public key available for the following key IDs:

This is a new feature of the apt-get system that guarantee the authenticity of servers for updating Debian.


Simply type the following commands, taking care to replace the number of the key that displayed in the error message:

gpg --keyserver pgpkeys.mit.edu --recv-key  010908312D230C5F
gpg -a --export 010908312D230C5F | sudo apt-key add -

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Unable to update packages: package uses Breaks; not supported in this dpkg

Posted 2010/04/27 – 1:56 pm in: Linux

I had a terrible evening figuring out what happened on my server, almost every time I tried to install a new package, it ended with an error and the following message:

package uses Breaks; not supported in this dpkg

I tried to follow hints left by error message content, ie. I tried to update dpkg (sudo apt-get install dpkg), the same error! => horrible chicken and egg dilemma.

Well after researching the web for a few hours (…), I found that it is indeed a bug between two versions of dpkg and I was stuck in it. Breaking dpkg is not a good option here….

In the end, what you have to do is to force a dpkg update, despite having it suggesting/imposing-you not to perform the update.
I did it almost manually, breaking dpkg is the last thing I wanted to do.

Here are my steps:

  1. go to debian homepage (http://packages.debian.org), look for ‘dpkg’ package and go up to the download page of dpkg software, once you’ve selected the version appropriate for your own architecture (i386 in my case). Once there, right click on the download link and copy its url
  2. log into your server and download the .deb package:
  3. check your download by running “md5sum dpgk*.deb” and comparing with md5sum displayed on debian download page
  4. if md5sums match, force dpkg to install the new packages using ‘–force-depends‘ option:
    sudo dpkg -i --force-depends dpkg*.deb

That’s should be ok by now.
Now that you’ve updated dpkg version, it can deal with the ‘Breaks’ that caused troubles previously.

sources: http://www.qc4blog.com/?p=924

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Stop looking at me..

Posted 2010/04/23 – 5:10 pm in: General

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P5LD2-VM and Windows 7

Posted 2010/04/21 – 2:39 pm in: General

Yeah, this board can cause some problems if you have an old version of BIOS on it.

Trying to install Windows 7 on it with a BIOS version 0901 will make Windows unable to see any Hard Drivers on SATA port.

Solution ? Update the BIOS to the last version. (1303 at the time of this article)

This gonna fix the problem and your installation will see all Hard Drives.

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Get it right !

Posted 2010/04/18 – 3:57 pm in: Humour

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Millencolin – Hellman

Posted 2010/04/11 – 1:27 am in: General

No matter what I feel for you,
those three words I can’t say.
I regret the times I used the word OK.
I know how much it means when people
show they really care.
Of the value in honesty, I’m quite aware.
But still there’s much in me that I don’t share.

Don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared, don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared, don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared to say what I think of you.

The other way around I’d say
I function the same way.
The darker sides of me I underplay.
Afraid to get into conflicts,
afraid to tell you, NO.
Though I know this weakness keeps me low.
There’s so much inside me, that I don’t show.

Don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared, don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared to say what I think of you.

Somethings I can never show.
Why I don’t know…

Don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared, don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared, don’t have the guts to say what I think.
I’m too scared to say what I think of you.
I’m too scared of what I really think of you.

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Waiting.. it’s hard and it hurts..

Posted 2010/04/09 – 5:42 pm in: m9x

J’ai réalisé que j’étais pas vraiment patient… attendre ce n’es pas ma plus grande qualité surtout dans certain domaine..
La patience nous permet de prendre un certain recule et de pouvoir analyser certaines choses pour nous permettre de ne pas commettre de geste qui pourrais être inutile..
Aujourd’hui j’en paie surement prix.. reste à voir si être patient va finir par me rapporter..

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Posted 2010/04/08 – 6:03 pm in: Quotes

Codi: You could always buy a RealDoll. Fuck her when you’re horny, she just lays there and doesn’t bitch about how you never put the seat down or take out the garbage, and you can just shove her in the closet when you’re not stickin’ it in her pooper.
Jason: wtf
Jason: I always put the seat down

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Little cat

Posted 2010/04/08 – 6:01 pm in: Humour

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